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About me

Let me introduce myself

About me

I am a 15 years old kid from India.I am very much interested in making short films with my friends.I am interested in Videography, Photography, Video editing, Digital Illustration works and Graphics designing.I learn things from the web. I publish things I make to the web.I am not a spider, But I live on the web!

Till now, I've made 7 short films and 47 videos has been published on youtube.All are my creations and no elders helped me. But everybody support me. That is my power.


Nived Kannada

Personal info

Nived Kannada

I am creative!

Birthday: 30 July 2000
Phone number: +91 9497079980 Don't call me. Just send an email.
Website: www.nanogalaxy.org
E-mail: nived@nanogalaxy.tk
Height: 1.7m
Weight: 45kg
male Devarajan P V Swapna K

More About me

Know more about my past


  • 15-06-2016

    Google Maps @ Local Guide

    I am now an official Local guide of Google Maps.(Level 3).

  • 26-03-2016

    www.Preethivenugopala.com @ Website Developer

    On 24th March,2016, My Aunt Preethi Venugopala asked me to set up a website for her.She already had a blog which was very famous in india and also in the world, And she asked me to set up a website.On 27th I completed the work of her website and setted up a domain name for that site. www.preethivenugopala.com

  • April 2015

    Nanogalaxy Entertainments @ Director and Editor

    In April 2015, I worked for my own company to produce a great new piece of shortfilm. I shot the short film Assassination with my friends, Vaisakh, Sreerag, and Mrudul. I directed, edited, wrote script for that film.

  • 2014 to Present

    Nanogalaxy Entertainments @ Founder, Director And Video Editor

    In 2014, I founded the company Nanogalaxy along with my friend Athul.But after that Athul left the company and from then, I am the Founder of Nanogalaxy Entertainments.From then, I also am the Director, Video editor and the tech manager of the company.


  • 2016 April 27

    SSLC RESULTS @ Got 10 A+

    Won SSLC (10th), the last year in secondary schooling, with Full A+.

  • March 2016

    Codecademy.com @ Learned Python Programming

    In March 2016, I learned the Python Programming language from www.codecademy.com.

  • March, 2016

    GHSS UDINUR @ Completed SSLC (10th Std.)

    At Last, I completed 10th Standard from GHSS Udinur and ended my Secondary school life.

  • June, 2015

    Codecademy.com @ Completed the course of HTML and CSS

    In June 2015, I completed the course of HTML and CSS from www.codecademy.com. And now I know all the basics of HTML and CSS. And I am now learning more from experience.

Skills & Things about me

html & css
Schema Markup
Web Developer
Graphics Designer


My latest works

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Listen to My Music compositions !

This is my latest composition. I compose these musics "right on my laptop". I don't use any other instruments to compose these.

This is yet another music I composed.Nothing more to describe.Please listen it.

And that's all for now . Thanks for taking your time to listen to my work. "Thank you very much."

Friday, June 10, 2016

I was riding around in my Hercules rodeo with my friend Vaishnav

Vaishnav Eramath 170cm male

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Assassination : My 6th Movie | Better than before!


This is one of the best movies I have ever made.This is the one in which I used the most of my editing and camera skills in.So I could make this movie a professional looking one.Everybody says the same opinion too..



This movie was Directed,Produced and Edited by Nived Kannada Under the banner of Nanogalaxy India
Assassination This is Nived Kannada's sixth short film. Nived used a Sony Handycam camcorder to shoot this. 2015-04-16

Thursday, December 25, 2014

A True Bro | My 5th Movie

A True Bro

Yet another shortfilm by me.Its my fifth shortfilm made after At The Edge.In this one, Vaisakh,Sreerag And Mrudul had acted.



This movie was Directed,Produced and Edited by Nived Kannada Under the banner of Nanogalaxy India
A TRUE BRO This is Nived Kannada's fifth short film. Nived used a Sony Handycam camcorder to shoot this. 2014-12-02

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

At The Edge : My 4th Movie | The Turning Point

At The Edge

This is the first movie in which Athul left Nanogalaxy and I started making movies without him. I bought a new Sony Handycam, And made this movie with my new friends, Vaisakh, Sreerag and Mrudul.So this is a turning point.



This movie was Directed, Edited and Produced by Nived Kannada Under the banner of Nanogalaxy
AT THE EDGE This is Nived Kannada's fourth short film. Nived used a Sony Handycam camcorder to shoot this. 2014-06-02

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Thief | My third Shortfilm


After a learning lots of new editing tricks from the web, I made yet another short film. And that is this. Thief is a special movie for me. Because it was the last movie I made with Athul and the last one I used my Cybershot Digital camera to shoot. After this movie I bought a Handycam camcorder.


Athul Vadakedath
Nived Kannada

This movie was directed, produced and edited by Nived Kannada Under the banner of Nanogalaxy
Thief This is Nived Kannada's third short film. Nived used a Sony Cybershot digital camera to shoot this. 2013-06-02

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Om Hreem Mahan : My Second Shortfilm - a fantasy one

WATCH IT NOW : Om Hreem Mahan

Completed making of my second shortfilm with my Sony Cybershot digital camera. In this one also, Athul is the hero. Watch it and let me know your opinion.



Athul Vadakedath
Nived Kannada

Director : Nived Kannada

Editor : Nived Kannada

Duration : 29:45

Music By : Denny Schneidemesser

This is a Nanogalaxy Production.
Om Hreem Mahan This is Nived Kannada's second short film. Nived used a Sony Cybershot digital camera to shoot this. 2013-06-02


What can I do

Schema Markup

I am good in marking up websites with schema.org datas. I can markup almost any type of websites to give your site a special look on search results. If you don't know about schema markup, then refer to this page: Learn more »

Web Design

Even though I'm not a professional web designer, I can still design good quality 100% responsive all device websites as you want.So you can contact me if you want a pure html,CSS webpage to be designed.

Graphic Design

I'm an open source Enthusiast.So I design 3D and 2D elements mostly in Open Source softwares like Inkscape and Blender. But still they look good. If you want Realistic 3D wallpaper with your name in it, or a logo, then you can contact me.

Teamviewer Help

If you are facing a problem with your computer, tablet or smartphone(only software problems) , then install teamviewer in it and just mail me. I will be in touch with you as soon as I can. And I will help you out.


I'm a photographer and I will sell my photos if you want them.Just mail me in the form below.You can find my photos in this site's portfolio section.


Nothing more I can serve you better than these.I can give you tips if you want. Ask me if you are in some kind of confusion.I will try my best to help you out.


Get in touch with me



Phone number

I don't have a phone.So no Whatsapp too


Nived Kannada